A visit to the Rolina orphanage

As the School is closed in the afternoon you might think that the afternoon is free time. Nope, the day is completely planned until around 17:30. You have read already that I had Swahili lessons and one afternoon we had doctor Deus from the hospital in Moshi who came over to explain us the health situation and issues in Tanzania. Almost 60% of the people have no health insurance and rely on their family or community for funding when they get sick. HIV has been reduced to 7,5% down from 20+% in the past.

The most moving afternoon was the visit to the orphanage Rolina in Kwasadala run by Rosmin and Paulina. Where this Tanzanian couple takes care of 45 homeless children and two of their own children. They provide a home and family to these children, give them a roof, food, water and make that they go to School.
Before we went to Rolina we first went shopping as we didn’t wanted to come empty handed. George from CCS told us what Rolina could use so we arrived with large blocks of handsoap, washing powder, oil for cooking and toothpaste.


Rolina orphanage

We were received by all the children who sang for us. We had a tour through the orphanage and although the housing compared to being homeless is an enourmous progress the conditions of living for 45 children that we saw are so far from what we are used to that it it made us silent. Nevertheless Rosmin and Paulina are doing a great job with the resources that they have.

I noticed that the kids were very proud of their home and big family and they gave us a real warm welcome. We played a fun game together, laughed a lot and I would have loved to stay longer longer here.

My suitcase will be a bit lighter when I leave Tanzania as they need my T-shirts and shoes more than I do. Also to the good causes I support financially every year, I am cancelling my donation to you as from now on it will go directly to the Rolina orphanage.

Here some impressions:


The courtyard



Four beds for eight children


One of the orphans


We played a game with the orphans and had great fun.


The orphans sang for us in the community Church.


The kitchen


One thought on “A visit to the Rolina orphanage

  1. Even if we know, even if we see images on television, we can imagine that being there and seeing their way of living with very little facilities could be really difficult. We are always complaining about everything but when you see the reality in such countries, as said by Caroline, you realize the chance we have got to grow up in Europe. You would have been welcome there in a very particular way. And for sure you will never forget it!


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