Home base

The home base is where all volunteers and staff of Cross Cultural Solutions live. There is room for forty volunteers but we were seventeen last week and now only four. It is located a fifteen minute drive from the city Moshi in the middle of nowhere. During the day as a man you can walk alone outside home base but the moment it is dark at 18:45 you should only go out with minimum two persons for security reasons.

If you potentially live with so many people together that means that there are also quite some rules. There is a curfew at 23:00, alcohol is not allowed, after 22:00 the garden should not be used anymore and silence should be kept, etc….. It’s a bit like being on schoolcamp but if there are no rules things might get out of hand and have in the past if I hear the stories from the staff.

We have all our meals in the open air but fortunately covered against rain. Lunch and dinner are simple but good, fresh and hot meals. When we hear the cowbell ringing we know the meal is served.


Who needs a dishwasher if you have this?

All laundry is being done by hand and in this raining season it is not always easy to get everything dry.

The rooms are for five persons but luckily there are not so many volunteers now as I can imagine that five is a bit to crowded in these rooms. My roommate was Phil one of the teachers of the Canadian students.


The staff here is very friendly and helpful and want to guide your stay and volunteer placement in Tanzania as good as possible.


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