Look at my color drawing


Imagine a School with no money to buy material for the children. They have a pile of very worn out English children books and some pencils (not enough), also coloured ones donated by volunteers but that is about it. There are no children sissors, glue or coloured paper to create something with the children. There is not even a plain sheet of A4 paper available. No toys to play outside or other kids stuff.

The parents buy the paper notebooks for their children. If a child forgets to bring his notebook to School he is unable to make his excercises as there is no alternative paper available at School.

Before I left to Tanzania someone said to me that I had to take color books with me. Well that appeared to be an excellent suggestion. It is hard to believe but these little children never paint as there is just not the required material. So you can imagine what their reaction was when I gave them a drawing. They were very proud of their results and me as well.

The next morning the teacher told me that after School he had some phone calls from parents who were delighted to see their children coming home so enthousiastically with their colour drawing. I did the same for the 2nd class the next day.

See below some the results of the proud artists.





6 thoughts on “Look at my color drawing

  1. Incredible to see the proud children faces. You really made them happy, job well done! If possible,think you will have to send a full box of color books when you will be back.


  2. What a big reward it must be to make such a big difference with so little and small things! I can remember explaining my children about it when travelling through Tanzania and how difficult it was for them to realize their simple luck of being born in the western world. Great to read that you are making long-lasting memories for these children as well!


  3. Gorgeous pictures! You created not one smile but proved how a simple thing, a drawing creates a chain of smiles. The lovely kids, their parents, their teacher, we the colleagues, we all have a big smile when we see the happiness of your ‘students’!


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