Cold season

They call it here the cold season of the year (summer starts in August) but for me this is pretty warm compared to the average weather in Belgium. We are at the end of the raining season so I see more clouds than sun and in the evening it is cooling off somewhere between 19-16°C. I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport in the rain and the first week every day we had some showers. However it looks like it is getting better as we haven’t had any rain in two days.

Many  children in the class have a cold and daily we miss some kids who are sick home due to the ‘cold season’.


‘Cold season’ in Tanzania.


3 thoughts on “Cold season

  1. Hello Olaf,
    Very nice reading your blog !
    I hope you’ll find some comfort in those children smiles grateful for your help.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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