Thank you all

It was a great experience to work as a volunteer in Tanzania, I wish I could have stayed much longer. Thanks to all the people who made this happen, here in Tanzania but also back at home! It is an life enriching experience that I will always carry with me. I look forward to once … Continue reading Thank you all


Beautiful Tanzania

After two weeks in Tanzania I can say it is a beautiful country. What surprised me is that it is so green but the current raining season is definitely playing a big role in that. During the weekend when the School is closed I had the oppurtunity to visit during two half days (far too … Continue reading Beautiful Tanzania

Home base

The home base is where all volunteers and staff of Cross Cultural Solutions live. There is room for forty volunteers but we were seventeen last week and now only four. It is located a fifteen minute drive from the city Moshi in the middle of nowhere. During the day as a man you can walk … Continue reading Home base

Friday morning

At the end of the morning just before the children go home the teacher is selling very little sacks of coloured chips to those children who received money from their parents to buy the chips. They do this to complement their low salary. As there are some children who never have money to buy them … Continue reading Friday morning


Hujambo (how are you?), that is what we say here if you are greeting someone that  is not older then you are otherwise you say Shikamoo (I give you my respect). Always expect the unexpected I was told upfront so when on the first day they told me I would not go to the Presbyterian … Continue reading Hujambo?

Why on my way to Tanzania?

"Volunteering to teach children abroad is a powerful way to effect entire communities. Many of the students you’ll encounter come from families who can’t afford the tuition commonly required for quality education. Make a difference by offering attention and support to students who have few opportunities for special one-on-one connections. In an over-crowded classroom, you … Continue reading Why on my way to Tanzania?